international moot court competitions

Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot is one of the biggest and most prestigious international moot court competitions, being annually held in Vienna and organized by the “Association for the Organisation and Promotion of the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot”.

The main objective of the competition is to introduce law students to the concepts of commercial arbitration and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (“CISG”). Being perceived as the “olympics of commercial arbitration”, in Vis Moot, each year the teams are given a Problem and expected to write two memoranda both for Claimant and Respondent. Later in the same year, all teams get together in Vienna to compete in the oral rounds, in which they shall plead before an Arbitral Tribunal, consisting of esteemed arbitrators and scholars.  Along with gaining invaluable knowledge in commercial arbitration and the CISG, the students get the chance to meet other law students from all over the world and develop teamwork skills. 

Istanbul University Faculty of Law Vis Moot Team is one of the most devoted participants of the competition and has made its mark by being the first Turkish university to make it into the first 64 in the rankings. In addition to winning Martin Domke Award granted to the best oralists with three team members, Destina Kantik, Salih Kartal and Yiğit Acar; three seperate teams of our Faculty, 22th, 25th and 27th Willem C. Vis Moot Teams, have achieved this success of moving on the final rounds of first 64. Every year, following the formation of the team after a very challenging selection period, Istanbul University Vis Moot Team immediately starts working on the Problem, under the supervision of their coaches. 

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Faculty Members in charge: 

Asst. Prof. Ayşe Elif Ulusu Karataş

Asst. Prof. Ayşe Yasemin Aydoğmuş

Asst. Prof. Cansu Kaya Kızılırmak

Asst. Prof. Nafiye Yücedağ 

Other Coaches: 

Atty. Ali Can Gören

Atty. Beyza Ölçer

Atty. Fahreddin Eren

Atty. İpek İnce

Atty. Salih Kartal

Atty. Yiğit Acar

Willem C. Vis Moot Team of Istanbul University Faculty of Law (2020-2021)

Batuhan MUŞ





Zülal SAN

Of general elimination rounds, moving up to the first 64 Teams of our Faculty:

Ranked 31st, Team of 2019-2020, 27th Willem C. Vis Moot: A. Tuba Akgiray, Batuhan MUŞ, Ceren Gürel, Emre Can THOMSON, Fahreddin Eren, T. Erdem Küçüker, Tara Hacıoğlu

Ranked 41st, Team of 2017-2018, 25th Willem C. Vis Moot: Başak Yalman, Beyza Ölçer, Buğrahan Helvacı, İpek İnce, Salih Kartal (Martin Domke, Best Oralist Award),   Yiğit Acar (Martin Domke, Best Oralist Award)

Ranked 61st, Team of 2014-2015, 22th Willem C. Vis Moot: Aysın Kadirbeyoğlu, Bükem Gebelek, Destina Kantik (Martin Domke, Best Oralist Award), Ege Selçuk, Ekinsu Çebi, Gülce Kantarcı, Sena Mutlu